Caterpillar Room

“Meeting the needs of each unique child”

Our Caterpillar room has been especially designed to ensure a safe, stimulating environment for children aged three months to two years. The Caterpillar room is the first step of an exciting journey when children join us. The room is bright, spacious and the layout has been particularly planned to bear a resemblance to homeliness with a welcoming feeling of comfort. The children in this room are provided with learning opportunities that arose their natural curiosities and engage them in age appropriate play.

Our dedicated team of Practitioners in the Caterpillar room are extremely motivated, friendly and caring. They are committed to building secure and trusting relationships with children and parents. Every child in our Caterpillar room will have their own key person who will care and support them with all their emotional, learning and developmental needs.

The Caterpillar room has various space’s including a designated area for the youngest children to enable them to play securely and a relaxing sleep area where there are several different styles of cots and nests to suit the child’s preference and requirements of the parents. It is essential that the child’s sleep times are mirrored to the routine at home. Therefore, the key person will reflect on the routine desired buy the parents.

The children in the Caterpillar room are developing physically, socially and emotionally and require a wide range of fun activities to engage them in learning experiences.